Monday, April 15, 2013

The 117th Boston Marathon

(Photo/Matthew Wilkinson)

It's the Boston Marathon today and thousands run.
I will never understand the folks who think it's fun.
I have driven Heartbreak Hill and, even on a bike,
Those poor runners have to face a really daunting hike.

I'm more like Pheidippides; the first from Marathon,
Ran to tell Athenians the Persian threat was gone.
Once he gasped the tidings out, Pheidippides dropped dead:
Heart stopped beating, lungs collapsed.  He should have stayed in bed.

Then these crazy people wouldn't have to run so far.
I believe, today, Pheidippides would use a car.
I'll be on my couch - the TV on - when they begin.
If you're laying bets then pick the Kenyan guy to win.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who were injured or killed by the bombings at the finish line.


  1. How sad that your rightful joy at this theme should have been blighted into apologetic dismay. It makes me cry.

    1. It makes me cry too, Debra. How absurd is it that, on this Tuesday morning, I'm feeling guilty for being so frivolous yesterday?