Sunday, April 14, 2013

And You Thought My Rhymes Were Bad?

If it's video games that rot your mind, what's my excuse?

The boys - on vacation again -
Are sprawled everywhere in the den;
Invited their friends.
Their mother intends
To hide. There's too many young men.


  1. Ha, ha. I just had a birthday party for my son today and the house was over run with boys. I can totally feel this one.

    1. You are a brave woman Coreena. Wonder woman, indeed. ;D

  2. Yes, I know what you are talking about. Happens in my house very often. And my son's birthday party is this weekend. I'd better find somewhere to hide.
    Great poem, made me laugh.

    1. Thank you Natasa... I appreciate the kindness, but hardly a poem. I checked, and limericks are the bastard children of poets and are never acknowledged in polite society. ;D
      P.S. May I suggest, if you can't find a hiding place, find wine.