Thursday, April 11, 2013

The 113th Congress - The Company We Keep

Is this really who we want to associate ourselves with?

Here's a piece of irony; the "Evil Axis" grew.
Guess who their new member is.  That would be me and you.
Do we want to join the countries everybody hates?

UN passed a resolution regulating arms;
Aimed at keeping weapons from a terrorist who harms
Innocent civilians in pursuance of his cause.
If there's a "no-brainer" than this resolution was.

US voted for it but our Senators will not
Ratify this treaty.  Seems the GOP forgot
We are known to others by the company we keep.
Evil Axis members - every one of them a creep -

Those are not the kind of people I'd consider friends.
If we choose to side with them, the GOP extends
Them an invitation; 'though, they aren't a friend of mine...

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