Monday, April 22, 2013

The Boston Marathon - "Book Him, Danno"

Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wrestled for Cambridge Rindge & Latin. My eldest was at this match... Different weight class. (Photo/

Friends of Boston's bombing suspect - shocked by recent news -
Can't believe Islamic martyrdom's a fate he'd choose.
Cambridge Rindge & Latin classmates say their friend,  Dzhokhar,
Was a scholar, stoner, and a high-school wrestling star.

Popular with fellow students; never gave a clue
Bombing Boston's Marathon was anything he'd do.
FBI has questions for him - before rights are read.
Dzhokhar tried to kill himself but shot his throat instead.

Looks like he'll stay silent now; forget Miranda Rights.
Any statements from Dzhokhar will be the ones he writes.
 John McCain and Lindsey Graham say he's an enemy;
Want to take away protections granted you and me.

I think it's a bad idea and isn't Boston's style.
Even British redcoats got a fair and open trial.
Kudos to our law enforcement; well and bravely done.
Please don't stumble at the end or terrorism's won.

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