Monday, April 08, 2013

The Boston Red Sox - The 2013 Home Opener

We're all pink hats for the Home Opener. (Photo/Cognoscenti)

It's a perfect, springtime day for crowds on Yawkey Way;
Faithful fans who've come to watch the Boston Red Sox play.
It's the team's Home Opener - they're currently in 1st -
And, to make it sweeter, New York's Yankees tied for worst.

Expectations are not high for how our season ends
(And that was before we see if Lackey's "bicep" mends.)
Farrell has his work cut out as he rebuilds the team...
Even so, that doesn't mean a "pink hat" fan can't dream.

Yes, I know that baseball season's barely even started.
That it's likely, come October, I'll be broken-hearted.
But it is enough for me, this early April day,
That my 1st place Red Sox are returning to Fenway.

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