Monday, April 29, 2013

Syria - What Do You Do When All of Your Options Suck?

Assad's using Sarin gas - or so it would appear.
Evidence, they're saying, isn't absolutely clear.
Assad told the UN they could look but changed his mind,
Indicating he's afraid of what they're gonna find.

President Obama said that gas would cross a line;
(I guess bombing your civilian population's fine)
John McCain, and others, say that line has now been crossed
Thus, we have to arm the rebels, never mind the cost.

When it turns to civil war, guess who the region blames.
I think, first, we need to get the Russians on our side.
Only way to do that is to prove Assad has lied.

Give AID to the countries where most Syrians have fled;
Make sure they have shelter, clothes, and water - that they're fed.
Prove guilt beyond shadow of a doubt before we start
Interfering as a country tears itself apart.

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