Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Across the Pond - North Korea; Tin Pot Saber Rattling


Hear that tin-pot clanking sound? That's saber rattling.
It has grown so loud I think it's woken up Beijing.
Causing some alarm in South Korea and - what for?
Kim Jong-un's declared his country's in a state of war.

Hard to tell how serious the North Koreans are,
But I think they may have pushed it just a bit too far.
South Korea's President has said her country will
Go to war if they're attacked...  A thought that doesn't thrill

China or the Russians - not to mention the U.S.
Is Kim Jong-un listening?  That's anybody's guess.
So far it's been only words - this time - no overt acts,
And there are some hopeful signs he's finally facing facts:

People in his country are severely under-fed.
He'd be out of luck with half his population dead.
U.S. has positioned ships and bombers off his coast
Just to make it very clear; should he attack - they're toast.

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