Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The 113th Congress - Who Are You Working For, Anyway?

Pistol packin' teachers stationed in the nation's schools;
That's the only change the NRA wants to the rules.
They'll agree to background checks for teachers who are armed...
After all, they wouldn't care to see more children harmed.

That is the extent of any changes that they want.
NRA has always had the influence to daunt
Any politician who attempts to compromise
'cause Wayne LaPierre, their spokesman, stoops to spreading lies.

They're opposed to background checks; they call them registries.
Say we'll come to take their guns away but, honey, please...
That is simply crazy talk. There are no men in black.
We just need a change after the Sandy Hook attack.

Most of us want background checks; that seems the place to start.
We want mental health professionals to play a part.
If the Congress represents The People's will, then they
Need to show us they're not working for the NRA.

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