Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poison Letters

Searching the home of an Elvis impersonator  for evidence of poison. (Photo/
I may wield a poison pen but, ricin in the mail?
Two attempts to kill someone...  Assassination fail
President Obama, Roger Wicker... D.C.'s tense.
Sending ricin through the mail's a capital offense.

Terrorism's cowardly, but poison's even worse
(Near as bad as politics expressed in lousy verse)
FBI released the man whose name was on the note;
Someone framed the guy to be a sacrificial goat.

Seems things come in clusters: Boston, Canada - now, this. 
So far we have caught the letters; pray that we don't miss.
'though, from front-row seats inside a Boston neighborhood,
Let me reassure you all - the FBI is good.


  1. Ah, the sly wink of triumph in those last two lines. Fantastic. I enjoyed reading this thoroughly. I love your bouncy rhythms and rhymes. Very musical, like something that ought to be remembered or memorized, like you are teaching someone something. Thumbs up.

    1. Thank you Rodney; that's exactly what I try to do
      And, although I lack the skills exhibited by you,
      I can't seem to help myself... The news comes out in rhyme.
      Once again, however; I appreciate your time.