Friday, April 12, 2013

Nobody Likes a Budget

President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the FY 2014 budget in the Rose Garden, April 10, 2013
President Obama and his Acting Budget Director, Jeffrey Zients. ( Photo/Pete Souza/White House)

President Obama sent his budget to The Hill.
This time it's the Democrats his big ideas don't thrill.
Not to say Republicans are happy with the thing,
But the words that Liberals are using have to sting.

House put out a budget, too.  The Senate has its own...
Difficulties reconciling can't be overblown.
President Obama made attempts to compromise.
Now we'll get to see if Speaker Boehner even tries.

No one's really happy; that's how compromises work.
(I'm ignoring Mitch McConnell - I think he's a jerk.)
I sure hope No Labels and the Gangs of 6 and 8
Keep on making progress, 'cause the hour groweth late.

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