Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Martin's Mom - Dear Ms. Fulton

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Article first published as Trayvon Martin's Mom; Dear Ms. Fulton on Technorati.

Trayvon Martin's parents; Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

Trayvon Martin's mom?  I can't imagine how she feels.
Sorrowful, of course...  But ever since this news grew wheels
She has had a politician knocking on her door
And Black Panthers offering to settle up the score.

She's been on the evening news - on every TV screen;
She's maintained her dignity in every shot I've seen.
But, the dreadful knowledge of his loss in her eyes -

My son wears a hoodie, too... He's also Trayvon's age;
I have always warned him that he, too, should not engage.
But, my son is not like hers because my son is white...
I don't tend to worry someone may shoot him some night.

Victim of that difference - I bet she's mad as hell.
I know I'd be furious (and you would be, as well)
If the man who killed my son was walking free and clear.
Ma'am, I am so sorry.  We are praying for you here.

(Photo credit: The Washington Times)

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