Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Across the Pond - North Korea

excerpted from an
Article first published as A Little Over 100 Days In - How Is Kim Jong-un Doing? on Technorati.

A little over 100 days in, is Kim Jong-un trying to out-crazy his dad?

President Obama's coming home from overseas.
He was in Korea where he told Kim Jong-un; Please,
Do remember that the food we've promised to you guys
Will not be delivered if your missile system flies.

He was there for meetings with world leaders to discuss
How they can secure their nukes and make it safe for us.
Right next door, a little North, a tin pot loony planned
To continue pushing Us.  Does he not understand

This is an election year - and not just in the States?
China, Russia, France have got a lot upon their plates.
North Korea's pushed too far I think.  I hope they learn
Soon, before they're stuck with watching all their bridges burn.

'though he doesn't face a vote, he does now face a test;
Will this brand new leader fall in line with all the rest?
It's an opportunity to see his people fed
And to show his neighbors North Korea's sanely led.

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