Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Communique from the Feminazi Camp

Excerpted from an Article first published as Dear Rush; a Communique From the Feminazi Camp on Technorati.

Usually Rush Limbaugh is a person I ignore.
Health declined a lot when I was listening before.
I could feel blood pressure climb and watch my I.Q. shrink.
Pretty sure that he's the reason I began to drink.

Now I'm flabbergasted at the things that he's just said.
When I heard him on his show I'm sure my ears both bled.
First he called Ms. Fluke a slut... Then said he'd like to watch.
Yuck! I'll need to wash that image from my brain with Scotch.

Now I hear that Limbaugh has attempted to explain;
Claims the Liberal Media is after him again.
Really? I don't understand what makes men like him tick.
All I know is, once again, Rush Limbaugh's made me sick...

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  1. as a human being i find him offensive