Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Race for the White House - A Belated Birthday Gift

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Article first published as Happy Birthday Governor Romney... My Gift To You on Technorati.


Happy Birthday Governor! I hear you're 65.
Thus, my gift is this advice to help your campaign thrive;
Sir, just be yourself. Please try it out before you knock it.
Can't be worse than quoting lyrics about Davy Crockett.

Seems your Southern Strategy is eating cheesy grits;
Ask an Alabama guy for Skynard's greatest hits,
Saying things like "Hi ya'll" in accents from the North...
Frankly, with a plan like that, you're lucky you're not 4th.

Pandering to voters, 'though a tactic tried and true,
Wrapped up in a flag that's colored red and white and blue
Touring states with comics where they're thinking; "What the heck?"
"That guy is from Massachusetts. He ain't no red neck."

Sir, that cannot help your cause. You're looking like a phony.
Voters want to hear details; not corn pone and baloney...
And, please, in your campaign ads? Don't go the nasty route.
Show the voters who you are and not some empty suit.

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