Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - A Fanfare for Fenway

 It's not every baseball park that has its private theme
But there's one and it's the one belonging to my team.
Seems a local fan has written Fanfare for Fenway;
Oh, and did I mention he's John Williams, by the way?

And, yes - that John Williams - who composed the theme to Jaws
Star Wars, E.T., Harry Potter, now Fenway because,
He's a Red Sox fan, like us, and thus the BSO
Is rehearsing his Fanfare to premiere at a show.

I have loved John Williams' music since I was a child.
Saying that I'm thrilled he's honored Fenway would be mild.
Where else but in Boston does a famous Symphony
Play an ode to ballparks for brass horns and timpani?

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