Thursday, March 15, 2012

Race for the White House - Michigan and Alabama

excerpted from an
Article first published as Rick Santorum Wins Mississippi and Alabama. Gingrich 2nd! on Technorati.

Romney is still winning, but elections Tuesday night
Indicated he will have a rather lengthy fight.
After all the money spent and clumsy pandering
Even Gingrich beat him (despite past philandering).

It was Rick Santorum, though, that Southern voters chose
Mississippi? Alabama? Won in both of those.
People said they liked the fact that he's a Christian man;
Voted social issues - not an economic plan.

If that trend continues and Republicans decide
Rick Santorum is their man, that's fine... Okay, I lied.
Should that be the choice they make, Obama is my guy.
Wouldn't vote for Rick Santorum, even were I high.

Don't like having moral values shoveled down my throat.
I think they've forgotten - Independent women vote.
We're the ones who gave the President his victory.
Make this race a social war; you'll lose. I guarantee.

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