Saturday, March 17, 2012

Race for the White House - Super PACs

excerpted from an
Article first published as Citizens United: The Pernicious Influence of Cash on Technorati.

Romney's spent a fortune in the races he just lost.
(Rick Santorum won them both at hardly any cost.)
If they keep on spending cash the way they've done of late
Can't imagine their financials will be looking great.

Raised enough donations that it gave Obama pause;
Forced him to reverse himself - his PAC's now raising cash
Gearing up for when this race enters its Autumn dash.

Citizens United changed the game for everyone.
Think we should review that ruling when the race is done.
For, if we do nothing, then this system's here to stay.
Only ones who have a voice are those folks who can pay.

And, what are they getting for the money they've invested?
Access to the candidates.  The rest of us?  Divested.
Don't like how it's shaking out...  It fails the "fairness" test.
Try this stuff on Main Street, you'd be facing an arrest.

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