Friday, May 01, 2015

Je suis Chip

Killed by Police Under Questionable Circumstances
(Some of the young, black men killed by police under "questionable" circumstances. Photo/Courtesy of

With the death of Freddie Gray, is this the tipping point?
Will we - now - examine why so many in the joint
Are not white or wealthy? Why they're poor and, mostly, black?
Why it's only if you're white police cut you some slack?

Not that I'm complaining, mind you...  Thank you very much
To the cop who let me go when speeding... Just a touch.
'though I wasn't happy when I saw his flashing blues,
There was not a moment when I trembled in my shoes.

Were I not so lily-white would I have held my breath
Fearing that the interaction could be life or death?
Most police "Protect and Serve" but if you cannot trust
That they're there to keep you safe and not to make a bust

Why on earth would anyone go looking to the cops?
(When you're black they'll look for you at future, "random" stops.)
Neighborhood policing is the only thing that works;
Daily demonstrating that most cops don't act like jerks.

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