Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Burned By The NFL

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4 games out for Brady, losing 2 picks from the draft,
Plus a million dollar fine for owner, Robert Kraft.
Seems a bit excessive for a slightly softer ball
Which did not affect the outcome of the game at all.

I believe Tom Brady likes a lower psi.
(Just like Aaron Rodgers prefers his ball pressure high.)
 Like the teams who warm their balls, perhaps Tom gained an edge
Though, without the proof, the Wells Report could just allege.

Worse than all the penalties the NFL's imposed?
Calls the 1st round ballot to the Hall of Fame be closed
To the greatest quarterback who's ever played the game
Who, unlike some other football players I could name,

Never beat a woman up or killed another guy
Never shot up steroids, not accused of getting high,
Doesn't hit his children - yet his reputation's shot.
That's what's worse than any punishments New England got.

All this vitriol against Tom Brady isn't fair.
He could take a living pig and throw it through the air
Spinning in a perfect spiral if he wanted to.
NFL has robbed him of the legacy he's due.

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