Monday, May 04, 2015

You're Welcome. Sincerely, Fenway's Faithful

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'though it seemed like sour grapes, because our team got swept,
(Fenway's Angels looked down on the Red Sox and they wept)
New York's Yankees came to Boston... Beat us all three games.
Fenway's Faithful spent the weekend calling A-Rod names.

Someone had to do it, 'though it's fitting it was us.
Other ballparks might have felt they oughta make a fuss
When the record that's been held by legend Willie Mays
Fell to one whose steroid use affected how he plays.

That would be embarrassing.  In Boston we ignored
Any ceremony for the home-runs A-Rod's scored.
Don't be worried baseball fans.  We booed him for your sake.
You are welcome.  It's a sacrifice we're glad to make.

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