Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Day Rhyme, with Apologies to John McCrae

Never been In Flanders Fields, where countless poppies grow,
'though I have seen Arlington's white crosses - row on row.
Walked the grounds where those who've fallen make their final bed;
Mourned each time we add another to our honored dead.

Don't forget the sacrifices that so many made
After some fresh wreath to Unknown Soldiers has been laid.
That is what this weekend's for so, when you see a flag,
Think of what it represents. (I know...  I'm such a nag.)

It's not just the start of summer - golf and barbeques -
Nor the day on which you can begin to wear white shoes.
It is row on row of markers - each one with a name -
Silent sentinels at rest beneath eternal flame.

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