Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kitchen Reno - One Giant Leap

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On the day I wrote I thought my builder 'd disappeared
He stopped by to meet with me.  It wasn't what I'd feared;
What with all the winter damage everyone has had
He's been working night and day. The poor guy's looking bad.

But, we got a lot accomplished; called the flooring guy.
Now I have a counter-top and tile I've gotta buy.
I went to A Touch of Tile in Westford where I found
What may be the best selection of fine tiles around.

Bought my new appliances at Hunter's down the road.
Howie worked the numbers and he's saving me a load.
If you live near Littleton it could be worth your while;
Hunter's carried all appliances in every style.

(I owe an apology to those who read my rhymes
As a Seussilitis version of The New York Times;
Here expecting news yet some reviews are all they find.
Sorry...  I don't choose the rhyming voices in my mind.)

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