Friday, May 29, 2015

FIFA Elections

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I thought things were bad under Commissioner Goodell
(Not too happy with the way he leads the NFL)
But, another football league has got it even worse
Forcing some perspective on these grievances I nurse.

With Goodell it's just New England that is getting screwed.
FIFA leaders, with the massive fortunes they've accrued
Through manipulation, bribes, and voting purchase schemes
For the last 2 decades, screwed a myriad of teams.

Now the leader under whom corruption seemed to thrive
Faces re-election; it's predicted he'll survive.
(Makes you wonder what it is Sepp Blatter has to pay
To remain in power...)  Give me Roger any day.


Blatter has been re-elected FIFA President;
Thus, a chance to vote against corruption came and went.
Africa and Asia felt that Sepp's their kinda guy...
(Pity future players at the World Cup in Dubai.)

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