Thursday, May 07, 2015

Deflategate - A Homer's View

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I am what you'd call a "homer." I support my team
Even if they've done something that makes me wanna scream.
Therefore, I'll defend New England. I'll ignore cat-calls
From the fans of other teams about deflated balls.

Go ahead! Accuse Tom Brady...  Never mind the fact
Other quarterbacks are also guilty of the act.
In the future weigh each ball that Brady gets to throw.
Sit him on the bench a while...  We'll start Garoppolo.

Brady may have "took one" on his handsome, chiseled chin;
Bet that only motivates him, even more, to win.
Nothing that the League can do will change the bottom line;
We still have Bill Belichick.  Believe me.  We'll be fine.


  1. this is the biggest blown up nonsence i can recall in pro sports. talk about your 'much ado about nothing' does anyone really think deflated foot yballs are the reason for the success of the PATS?

    1. It seems that America does
      Believe that it's only because
      The Patriots cheat
      Their teams can't defeat
      The best team that there ever was.