Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Real Jade Helm 15 Conspiracy

SlantRight 2.0: The Jade Helm 15 Drill is a Martial Law, Civil War and ...
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I have met a lot of Texans; they were good to me
Even if, politically, we didn't quite agree.
All the Texans I have met were patriotic folk...
Not one seemed as if their wagon wheels were short a spoke.

I must not have met the kind who think Jade Helm 15
Is a plot for sneaking Special Forces to the scene,
Where they'll round-up dissidents and take away their guns.
U.S. military there, detaining Texan sons.

Could it be the reason why I never met that kind,
Who - just like their Governor (who's clearly lost his mind) -
Think that this conspiracy is anything but nuts
Weren't in the military?  Didn't have the guts.

If they'd ever served their country they'd know it's a lie...
If Obama were a despot, still he wouldn't try.
Jade Helm 15's being staged where long-horned cattle roam
Because it lets half our Special Forces visit home.

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