Thursday, May 14, 2015

Unsolicited Kitchen Renovation Advice

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When you start remodeling your kitchen, keep in mind
If your home is "open concept" you will quickly find
Can't buy hardwood for one room...  You have to do them all.
Then you need new tile for the guest bathroom and front hall.

If you're pulling bathroom fixtures, putting new tile in,
Should you change those out as well? Once reno plans begin
You will find the "scope of work" increases by the day
And most builders do not mind...  As long as you can pay.

I hope my guy feels the same 'cause, lately, he's a wreck
And I've yet to tell him that we want a screened-in deck;
Plus, I have been noticing - our bedroom needs some work.
Wait until I tell him that.  He'll think that I'm a jerk.

He would have a valid point because, for 20 years,
We have not  done anything but paint and hang some sheers.
Now it's catching up to us and there's so much to do...
Think you have your budget worked out?  Multiply by 2.

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