Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kitchen Renovation Update

Kitchen renovation isn't moving very fast.
Since the time we started planning (4 months in the past)
Forward progress in the process has slowed to a crawl...
Now the flooring guy we're using won't return my call.

I still need wood samples from him so we can decide
What we want installed but I can't get them (though I've tried.)
I did get some back-splash, sample tiles I found on-line.
Good thing that I did; computer screens (at least on mine)

Make it hard to judge a shade of color that will match.
Always get a sample before buying a whole batch.
Have to make a plan to go and look at slabs of quartz;
"Highly recommended" by the Consumer Reports.

Cabinets are ordered; don't know when they're coming in.
Builder hasn't given me a date when he'll begin.
I am on my mark and set...  But still no starting gun.
It could be the end of summer by the time we're done.

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