Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Haters Gonna Hate

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We, who are New England fans and standing by our team,
Wish we could wake up to find we've had some awful dream;
That the country doesn't think we only have our wins
'cause our Patriots are not above committing sins.

"Hoisted on their own petard; they got what they deserve,"
Say the football fans who think we've got a lot of nerve
Bitching over penalties our team has just received.
More than half the country said they felt they'd been deceived.

It gives fans of other teams a way they can explain
How Tom Brady and New England keep inflicting pain
On whatever team they love as much as I love mine...
And it's why this ball infraction isn't just a fine.

If the Patriots had not, for so long, been so great
We would not be here, but now the haters gonna hate.
Up here, though, we know the next time Brady gets to play
They could give him bricks to throw... He'll crush them anyway.

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