Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Unsolicited Advice for The Thin Blue Line

has been experimenting with equipping body cameras to the 70 officers ...
(Courtesy of/benswann.com)

When police wear body cams, complaints against them drop.
I think I'd insist upon them if I were a cop.
That way I'd have evidence (if anyone's complaining)
That my interactions with civilians followed training.

When we are recording for posterity we tend
To be more aware about the messages we send.
Most of us are more polite - and that includes police -
Making them more likely to be keepers of the peace.

That's what the police are for and, mostly, what they do.
Some might not be "good guys" but I bet there's very few.
Studies prove that cameras calm situations down;
I'd think that police would want to have them in their town.

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