Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dear Robert Kraft... That Wasn't Helpful

(Photo/Courtesy of AP via The Boston Herald)

In New England fans are feeling like we got the shaft,
One just driven further in by owner, Robert Kraft.
After meeting fellow owners, he dropped his appeal
But, unless the speculation that he cut a deal -

Took the hit to save Tom Brady - turns out to be true,
Fans are angry...  Feeling it was wrong for him to do.
Since the Wells Report concluded he'd done nothing wrong
And the evidence against Tom Brady isn't strong

 It's seen as admitting that the Patriots are cheats;
That will be our reputation when the team competes.
Non-New England fans have always thought that anyway;
Claiming that we need unfair advantages to play.

Kraft asks fans to trust his judgement in this latest move...
Maybe it's a plan to give the team something to prove?
Most fans think he should have chose to fight the N.F.L.
His capitulation isn't going over well.

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  1. I have lost all respect for the man