Friday, January 23, 2015

Embrace The Hate

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Hard to love a sports team every other city fears...
Now I know how Yankees fans have felt for all those years.
I've cheered for New England since the Grogan Super Bowl;
Now the country hates my Pats, according to a poll.

64% of them believe the NFL
Ought to ban the Patriots from Glendale...   What the hell?
Let's all take a breath here and, as Rodgers said, "Relax."
Even if we're guilty, it's a misdemeanor... Max!

Belichick and Brady said that they were unaware
Footballs used to beat the Colts were down 2 pounds of air.
Brady threw the balls they gave him and, once they were switched,
Pats scored 28 more points...  Still, Chuck Pagano bitched.

Mr. S., my Yankees' fan, reminds me - there are perks.
Who cares if the country thinks my Patriots are jerks?
I can learn to live with that and just embrace the hate;
Knowing it's the price you pay for dynasties this great.

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