Friday, January 30, 2015

I Respectfully Disagree

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 A most excellent blog. (Photo: Courtesy of/Infidel753)

There's a blog I like to read; a recent topic: Greece
And how its new government announced that it will cease
Efforts at austerity imposed by the E.U.
Author felt that was the sanest thing the Greeks could do.

Mounting unemployment; their economy's a wreck...
Greeks feel like the E.U.'s hung a noose around their neck.
Article blames Germany (who finances the debt)
But, though I respect this blogger - whom I've never met,

That seems too simplistic to me; see the Germans' side.
Why are they responsible for stopping Greece's slide?
Germans work and save and squeeze a Deutschmark 'til it squeaks;
They don't want to finance better lifestyles for the Greeks.

Puts the German Chancellor, Frau Merkel, in a bind;
Can't ignore her voters or they'd fire her behind.
I agree austerity is not the way to go
But, do I believe it's fair to blame the Germans? No.

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