Monday, January 19, 2015

The Patriots - Once More Unto The Breach

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 Here we go again, I guess... The haters gonna hate;
Jealous that their football teams will never be as great.
"Pats win 'cause they're cheaters"? Thought we'd put that one to rest;
Thought we'd proved Bill Belichick and Brady are the best.

"Not so fast," the haters say.  For now we stand accused;
Claim was made that we deflated balls that Brady used.
So, although we crushed the Colts to win the AFC,
This might further tarnish the New England legacy.

NFL has got investigations underway
While the Patriots, who've got a Super Bowl to play
(This one makes it number 8) continue to ignore
All the haters - who can't stand the thought we might win 4.

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