Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Snowboarding - Not Cool When It's Cold

Stock Photography: Frozen beard snowboarder

Eldest needs a ride up North...  He wants to hit the slopes,
Which is certain proof (for me) his friends and he are dopes.
With the wind, the temperatures are 35 below.
Not the day - for those with sense - for playing in the snow.

I know that my son believes this proves I'm growing old.
I'll grant snowboarding is cool, but not when it's so cold.
I think he'll discover, on his 1st or 2nd run,
Losing feeling in your nose and fingers isn't fun.

I don't really want to give the kid a lot of flack;
I don't mind the drive (which takes 3 hours there and back.)
I'm just worried that these lunatics are gonna freeze...
Wish they'd wait 'til temperatures go up a few degrees.

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