Friday, January 16, 2015

Another Prayer for The Patriots

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(Photo/Courtesy of @cdinopoulos on Twitter)
Local sports reporters say the Colts are over-matched...
I don't like when we get cocky; chickens haven't hatched.
Even if it's true it isn't nice to say out loud.
Sports gods do not like it. It's a sin and not allowed.

You will never hear New England's players talking smack.
They don't do an interview and make some stupid crack.
They heap praise on everyone that they're about to play.
Other teams don't show as much restraint in what they say.

I'll be watching Sunday night, with toes and fingers crossed,
Praying to the sports gods as the coin's being tossed
(Trying to remember that I mustn't be too snide)
Please dear sports gods; Pats were good.  Let Luck be on their side.

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