Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Je suis Ahmed

 Charlie Hebdo Puts Muhammad on Its Next Cover

Muslims are offended (not a shock; they always are)
Saying, once again, that Charlie Hebdo's gone too far.
Can't portray the Prophet on their cover... That's a sin.
I think Charlie had to - or let terrorism win.

Followers of Allah and the Prophet also say
How are they responsible for ISIL, anyway?
Claiming double standards when we ask them to condemn
Terrorists whose targets, up to now are - mostly - them.

Problem is; these criminals are acting in their name.
Muslims don't agree a strain of Islam bears some blame:
Thinking lack of education, poverty, and strife
Are the only reasons young men choose to take a life.

I agree; those play a part in helping to recruit
But, when Imams preach that choice, these finer points are moot.
Islam may be peaceful but its angry youths are not...
That should be their focus - Not what cover Charlie's got.


  1. But don't forget Iraqi Muslims now united stand
    All together fighting to drive ISIS from their land.
    Shiites, Kurds, and even the once-hostile Sunni tribes
    Once enemies, now allies, on the line they put their lives.

    It's they who do the hard part, battling ISIS on the ground,
    While we strike from the air, from planes that hardly can be downed.
    It's true some Muslims froth about those harmless French cartoons,
    But most know well the real threat is crazed jihadist loons.

    1. Infidel, I know you're right. Most Muslims don't agree
      With the loony ISIL folks or their philosophy.
      But the biggest target for their anger seems to be
      Westerners who've tried to help - though unsuccessfully.

      Bravo on the rhyme. You have a gift. :)

    2. Thanks -- but I don't see how so many people think Muslims are still mainly angry at the West when they're waging a full-scale war against ISIS. See also the crackdown against Islamists in Egypt and the secularist election victory in Tunisia. The Charlie Hebdo attack was the work of isolated cranks who were widely condemned throughout the Islamic world.

    3. It was only after ISIS started to attack
      Them that Iraq's Sunni population had our back.
      Morsi blew a chance to foster true democracy.
      And, as for Tunisia, Essid worked for Ben Ali.