Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sticks and Stones

U.S. Cent. Com.'s on-line social sites have been attacked;
Both their YouTube Channel and their Twitter feed were hacked.
Postings made by something called the Cyber Caliphate:
Threats and a recruitment ad for the Islamic State.

It's a war of words in which we find ourselves engaged;
Battles in the chat rooms of the web are being waged.
'though we clearly lost this one, the war ain't over yet...
So we need to strengthen our defenses on the net.

Sony and Home Depot and at least a dozen more
Companies whose customers must track their credit score
After hackers stole their data...  Happens every day
To the folks who've dared to use a credit card to pay.

We could all be victims of this type of cyber crime
But that's not what ISIL's hackers did to us this time...
We were cyber-bullied; had our noses rubbed in dirt.
Meanwhile, ISIL's getting more than just their feelings hurt.

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