Friday, January 09, 2015

Unsolicited Advice re: NYPD's Blue Flu

Some police officers turn their backs as Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks ...

Mayor of New York City has a problem with the cops;
When he dared to criticize the force, they blew their tops.
Turned their backs at funerals whenever he walked by...
Now, to get arrested there, you really have to try.

In a further show of anger by New York police,
Interactions with the public have appeared to cease.
No-one's getting busted - short of very violent crimes -
Rates dropped 92%, according to The Times.

New York City cops have got their noses out of joint,
Angry (even though the Mayor had made a valid point)
Now they've turned their backs on us because we've dared to ask
Why is truthful dialogue a Herculean task?

No-one thinks the cops are racists but the studies show
Blacks have poorer outcomes with police - who have to know
They cannot ignore that problem... It won't go away
Just because they've all decided not to earn their pay.


  1. Surprisingly, the cop-free life now doesn't seem so bad
    Who cares if johns and hookers make the azure-schnozzles mad?
    If potheads go unhassled, if blacks aren't being beaten down?
    Perhaps New York's becoming a more laid-back, better town.

    If cops do less, and life goes on, the message comes through clear:
    We don't require so many, to protect what we hold dear!
    De Blasio should cut the force, pwn those who turned their backs;
    Since New York never needed this "policing to the max".

    1. Infidel, I'm pretty sure that the New York police
      Will not be including us in any press release.
      We are not the message they were hoping to convey.
      They thought things would go to hell because they turned away.