Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Patriots - "Say It Ain't So, Joe"


What's an old New England fan like me supposed to do
Learning accusations made against the Pats are true?
We used footballs that were not the legal PSI.
Hoped it was an accident but now I wanna cry.

Didn't change the outcome of the game; the best team won
But, 'though other quarterbacks admit it's often done,
This makes us look dirty...  And for what? A needless ploy.
It has made this Super Bowl much harder to enjoy.

Scandals haunt Bill Belichick; they're calling him a cheat.
(No one but a Pats fan loves a coach who won't be beat.)
Even if we crush Seattle, Belichick can't win.
He will only be remembered for another sin.

I don't think Head Coaches check the balls; it's not their job
But, because he's arrogant and rude (and he's a slob)
There are calls to fire Belichick...  That's really dumb.
Bill has won so many rings he wears them on his thumb.

I believe the Patriots will win with any ball;
It's our year and, although pride goeth before the fall,
Knowing that our reputation's underneath this cloud
Means I needn't worry that I'm gonna feel too proud.

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