Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Need Chocolate

In Case of Emergency Chocolate Bar Frame 

All the recent news I'm hearing's making me depressed;
Even my New England Patriots have left me stressed.
It's become an effort just to shower and get dressed;
I can't seem to focus on the many ways I'm blessed.

News about how badly poor Nigeria's been led;
Watching their Northeast collapse - with thousands lying dead...
Hard to get atrocities like that out of my head.
It all has me feeling like I should have stayed in bed.

Seeing Congress try to pass another pointless bill;
Posturing and pandering (as politicians will)
It's become a pain to watch their antics on the Hill...
All these woes of humankind have left me kinda ill.

Think I'll watch The Cooking Channel; it might help my mood.
Chocolate does wonders for a rotten attitude.
Since I cannot change it and it doesn't help to brood
I'll ignore the world and just start focusing on food.

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