Monday, July 01, 2013

King Rat of Southie - Whitey Bulger

Whitey Bulger on trial. (Art/LiveWire.WCVB)

Boston's less than favorite son is currently on trial.
Whitey Bulger managed to stay on the lam a while.
On the run for 16 years until the FBI
Tracked down Whitey's girlfriend, followed her, and found the guy.

If you aren't from Boston then you may be unaware
Just who Whitey Bulger is and I would say that's fair.
Even those who knew him at the time made that  mistake.
Never realizing Whitey Bulger was a fake.

If you haven't ever met a person from The Dot;
If you aren't from Southie (a confession - I am not)
You may not know how effective Irish charm can be;
May not understand how he suborned John Connolly.

Whitey turned informant - selling out Italian mobs.
On the side he still committed criminal side-jobs...
Jobs that left a trail of bodies lying in his wake.
Now Bulger's insisting that he wasn't on the take.

Wants to shape his reputation now that he's been caught
And "King Rat of Southie"'s not the sobriquet he sought.
But, though it's the least part of the monster that he was,
Whitey's stuck with that name now, no matter what he does.

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