Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Red Sox & The Bright Side of Reno

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I don't plan to watch the Red Sox anymore this year;
It's no fun to see a team I've always held so dear
Flounder through a season - piling loss on top of loss -
Now, with renovations going, I don't give a toss.

Once I'd be depressed that Boston's season's shot to hell,
This year I don't have the time or energy to dwell.
Hopefully, by football season, all of this is done
And sports news is all about the games New England's won.


  1. there will be scores and delights under your brand new lights. there will be yardage and scores as we dance on new floors. we will yell for our Pats with boisterous cheer, and as for our RedSox....we will wait till Next Year.

    1. When, next time, a coin is tossed
      This reno (no telling the cost)
      If nothing goes wrong
      Could be well along -
      Or done... Keeping all fingers crossed.