Monday, July 13, 2015

A Reprieve for Pluto?

Photo published for New Horizons makes its closest approach to Pluto
Close up of Pluto and the NASA team.

New Horizons
should arrive at Pluto and its moons
Tuesday, sending scientists at NASA into swoons.
They're beyond excited at the data they'll receive;
Spacecraft will take pictures clearer than you would believe.

Far ahead of Voyager in its technology,
New Horizons will let planetologists  now see
If Pluto and Charon share a common atmosphere...
Whether it's a double planet system we've got here.

With respect to Dr. Tyson, who says Pluto's not
Quite a planet, because it's too small (by quite a lot)
If we add the planet to its moon, the total mass
Might change Tyson's failing grade for Pluto to a "Pass."

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