Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Dear HGTV... I'm Not Buying It

Kitchen Crashers
The amazing Alison Victoria. (Photo/Courtesy of

Just heard from our builder who's agreed that, late next week,
He'll begin the process of the havoc that he'll wreak
On the kitchen I have used for over 20 years...
Now I find I'm overwhelmed with renovation fears.

Everything's chaotic 'cause the schedule's been changed
As contractors try to get vacation plans arranged.
I still haven't bought a sink or faucet or the tile.
Don't know what I'm doing (and I haven't for a while.)

It's been months and months but we have yet to see the start.
I'm a wreck before they've even torn the place apart.
HGTV makes it look so easy but it's not...
3 days for a kitchen renovation? Not a shot.

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  1. you have been taken advantage of mrs smeej, you are much too pleasant and accepting of such unprofessional treatment.