Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kitchen Reno - Day 1

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Demolition's started: power saws and bangs and thuds...
In less time than you'd believe they had it down to studs.
We still have a sink and a refrigerator but
My new kitchen's starting with an - almost - total gut

They tore up the front hall tile and found a damaged floor;
Water has been leaking in.  We need a new front-door.
3 more rooms to pack before the hardwood's put in place...
There are boxes everywhere.  I'm running out of space.

Bought the sink and faucet at a place I found on-line.
Fingers crossed that they'll arrive and everything is fine.
I will keep you posted on the process if there's time
And I find uncluttered space to sit and write a rhyme.


  1. patience is a virtue, though possessed by few,go easy on yourself my friend. you ll love it when its new.

    1. Nobody I've ever met
      Would call me patient... And yet,
      This reno will
      Teach me that skill
      Or call for the guys with the net.

  2. My husband is building a cabin, a studio for his art
    Which clutters our home so badly, it never looks that smart.
    He's bought all the pieces he needs , he says,
    And He shouldn't be long, just a few days.

    So with hammering and banging I wait for the time,
    when my new little house will be just mine
    And he'll be painting in the shed outside,
    And my friends and I can be inside.

    1. A place where your husband can paint?
      Dear Marian, you are a saint.
      At least all my pain
      Will be to my gain...
      In your case, however, it ain't.