Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Take The Deal

The Mighty Persian Empire And Its Subjects
The former Persian Empire. (Map/Courtesy of parsaworld.com)

Picture us a thousand years from now - if we're still here -
Former super power which the world regards with fear,
Being forced to let some other countries tell us how
We should act... That's how Iranians are feeling now. 

Judging by the shouting overheard when parties meet
What John Kerry got them to concede was quite a feat.
Now their Ayatollah and our Congress must agree,
Meaning that the deal is far from done, if you ask me.

I hope they don't blow it; it's the best we're gonna get.
If positions were reversed, I think it's safe to bet
In a thousand years from now, should we decline and fall,
Countries would be lucky if we made a deal at all.

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