Thursday, July 30, 2015

Unsolicited Advice for the IOC from a Bostonian

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A fresh coat of paint?  It could work. (Courtesy of/

Hopes for Boston 2024 have fallen through
Because local opposition to it only grew.
It became apparent that the city can't afford
Hosting the Olympic Games (despite claims from their Board.)

I believe the I.O.C. has got to reassess,
Sparing hosts, in future, from a huge financial mess.
Why not give the Games to Greece in perpetuity?
They could help to bolster up the Greek economy.

Winter Games on Mount Olympus* - Summers' on the isles...
Marathoners could retrace Pheidippides' long miles.
If the Games stayed in one place, a profit could be made
Which is not the case most times the modern Games are played.

*(Okay, not on Mount Olympus - but you get my point.)

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