Friday, July 10, 2015

Boston 2024 - 2.0

Supporters of a Boston Olympics in 2024 however, cite Boston as the ...
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I feel kinda bad for Boston 2024.
If I weren't so sure the Games are gonna cost us more
Than what they're predicting, I might even change my mind...
They're in need of all of the support that they can find.

Their new plan to spread the Games throughout the Commonwealth
(Hoping local cities see a chance to share the wealth)
Hasn't won them much support; the polls are trending down
'cause it's costly hosting the Olympics in your town.

Holes the size of stadiums appear throughout the plan.
They say they can solve the problems; I don't think they can.
Wish their proposition wasn't such a risky one;
Boston 2024 could be a lot of fun.

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