Thursday, July 23, 2015

Iran - Give Peace a Chance

(Cartoon/Courtesy of  award winning artist Jimmy Margulies)

As Obama tries to sell this new, 6 Nation Plan,
Dealing with the problem of a nuclear Iran,
Members of the GOP - who want Obama's job -
Say that they could snap their fingers and their uncle's Bob.

They could make Iran obey our wishes, if they please...
Never mind the Russians, French, Brits, Germans, and Chinese.
Not one of the candidates who thinks the treaty's bad
Has a better plan than Secretary Kerry had.

They'd let petty politicking sabotage this deal
Proving that they shouldn't wield our Presidential Seal.
Given time to build some trust, plus diplomatic tact,
We could better influence the way Iran will act.

Oppenheimer's horse has left the barn and won't be back.
If Iran's determined, nothing - short of an attack -
Could dissuade them from a bomb but, maybe, this deal will
Help us solve our problems using diplomatic skill.

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