Friday, September 30, 2016

Empty Nest Syndrome

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With our sons away at school our home's an empty nest
And, though life is good, it also lacks a certain zest.
Now that it is just we three - my husband and our dog -
You might think that I'd be busy working on my blog.

But, instead, I'll take a nap or read another book
And my only challenge is deciding what to cook.
Lately I've been cleaning closets...  It's a task I hate.
(I'm a sloppy housekeeper.  It's a genetic trait.)

All this free time's made me crazy.  Know how I can tell?
I have felt the urge to clean the basement up, as well.
Ask the folks who know me and I think they'd all agree
Something drastic must be wrong 'cause that is not like me.

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